1987 Honda CRX Brochure

When I was in high school I had a 1987 Honda CRX DX that I restored with my uncle. I was in love with that car. I parted with the car after college around 2007. It was still in decent shape but it hadn’t run in over a year. I’ll try to find some pictures soon. At some point I purchased an original Honda CRX brochure from 1987. I have since kept the brochure and here it is. It covers the HF (high fuel), DX (standard) and Si (sport injected) variants.

New Domain, New Moves

Just a quick update. I finally have my own domain: http://tir38.com. This blog will now be available at that domain, however, the old http://jason.ithought.org will still direct you to all the correct pages. Chris Kelly is still providing all of my excellent hosting and has upgraded the ithought machine with a lot of new hardware that I don’t really understand (honestly, I pay him so that I don’t have to understand). If you need hosting service, I couldn’t recommend anyone better. He’s organized everything into an easy-to-manage front page.

On another note, one of my proudest accomplishments of 2008 has to be a complete conversion over to Linux OS. I’m running Ubuntu 8.10 on my home machines. I’ll probably upgrade my work horse to a less “entry level” distro some time in the new year, but for now I’m enjoying being completely Windows free!

I have a lot of projects nearing completion and some other awesome news that I’ll post about in the new year. Happy 2009!


I put together a list of my shoe collection. Each entry includes a picture and information, including style number, color, and when I bought them. This list is updated regularly as I get new shoes.

Adidas Response Trail X M
Colors: silver/blue/black
Style Number: 114582
Acquired:December 2005

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New Site, New Format

Recently, I reposted this site after recovering my original student account hosted on acme.gatech.edu. Thanks to ckdake for hosting this on his ithought.org site. I am now reworking my content to better display on WordPress platform. Massive updates to come.

Screen Shot of Site