My Saved JUMP Bike

Since initially writing this Lime has started to reintroduce masked JUMP bikes into the Atlanta area.

I recently built up a reclaimed JUMP e-assist bike. These bikes were everywhere in Atlanta. I rented them pretty regularly myself. Eventually JUMP pulled out of Atlanta and these bikes disappeared. Several months afterwards though, I started to notice a few JUMP bikes sitting in abandoned lots and ditches. They had all been picked over. One was missing a front wheel, another a battery. A third bike was mostly frame and rear wheel. I quickly realized that between the three bikes there were enough parts to cobble together a complete bike. This got me down a rabbit hole learning more about these bikes. I had to scrape through lots of bits of information around the web. I also learned a lot about these bikes during the teardown.

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Backstop Rapid Prototyping

On my single speed bike, I run front and rear brakes. However the frame doesn’t have cable routing bosses on the top tube. Right now I just have the cable housing zip-tied to the frame. This isn’t a very elegant solution and I wanted to improve it.

Problem Solvers makes a nice clamp that will route two cables. Unfortunately they don’t make them to fit my 1.0 inch top tube. Carnegie Mellon has a 3D printer and I had always wanted to experiment with rapid prototyping parts. It is very easy to design a part in Solidworks and then export it to the 3D printer. I thought I could design and fabricate something to fit my need.

Versions 1 through 5, left to right.
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2010 Cycling Season, Closeout

The year lasted longer than I expected. I was planning on not riding from September til now. Well gladly, that didn’t happen. Here’s a quick blast of what happened since August.

At the track, I finished very well at the third Pro Series Race. I technically finished the ominum in 6th place. However, the results don’t show how the rain screwed me out of 5th place. I had won entrance into the sprint final, where last place was still guaranteed one point. That would have bumped me into 5th place. Well five minutes before the race started, the rain came in and soaked my chances. Anyways, I stuck it to Marty later in the year!

Chris Kelly and I teamed up for the second Working Man’s Madison. We rode better than our first Madison. We held our own considering we were racing against the would-be National Champ, Dan Holt.

Work obligations kept me from coming down most of the rest of the season. The one opportunity I had to make it down, I continued my Chariot race winning streak. I ended the year in 15th place overall out of 80+ racers. The highlight of the year was winning Team of the Year with Faster Mustache.

Team of the Year award. Photo Courtesy: Jon Woodroof |
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