My Saved JUMP Bike

Since initially writing this Lime has started to reintroduce masked JUMP bikes into the Atlanta area.

I recently built up a reclaimed JUMP e-assist bike. These bikes were everywhere in Atlanta. I rented them pretty regularly myself. Eventually JUMP pulled out of Atlanta and these bikes disappeared. Several months afterwards though, I started to notice a few JUMP bikes sitting in abandoned lots and ditches. They had all been picked over. One was missing a front wheel, another a battery. A third bike was mostly frame and rear wheel. I quickly realized that between the three bikes there were enough parts to cobble together a complete bike. This got me down a rabbit hole learning more about these bikes. I had to scrape through lots of bits of information around the web. I also learned a lot about these bikes during the teardown.

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Ultimate Geek Desk

My desk at work has slowly evolved into a paired-down essentialist work space. It started with a height-adjustable GeekDesk v3. I added a Ergotron desk mount for my external monitor. I also added a Rain Design mStand for my Macbook and several egalo M2 stands for my Android devices. With a set of bluetooth mouse/track pad my desk was complete. However I wanted to use our company 3D printer to make a few small parts to make my work experience even more streamlined.


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Ferrari 458 Slot Car Light Upgrade

I recently bought a 1:32 scale Ferrari 458 slot car to run on my slot car track. It is a Carrera Evolution analog car. Unlike the 132 Digital version, this car does not come with LED front or rear lights. I thought it would be a fun project to buy an aftermarket light kit and install some myself. After a lot of surgery, I must say this was a complete waste of time and I would not recommend anyone do this ever. The analog cars are decent quality for the price, but they are not “tuner” friendly. The wires are very delicate and the plastic screw holes that hold the body to the chassis are not meant for repeat tightening. However, if you do choose to take this road, here is how I managed to squeeze all of this together.



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