My Time with Georgia Power’s Residential On Demand

Several months ago, Georgia Power offered the residents in my condo the chance to switch from their Residential plan to a Residential On Demand plan. I called up Georgia Power to get more information, I was impressed with what I thought our savings would be so I switched over. After three months and getting three bills on this new plan I’m convinced that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be, probably a bad idea for most “normal” homes, and maybe even a bit scam-y.
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Ultimate Geek Desk

My desk at work has slowly evolved into a paired-down essentialist work space. It started with a height-adjustable GeekDesk v3. I added a Ergotron desk mount for my external monitor. I also added a Rain Design mStand for my Macbook and several egalo M2 stands for my Android devices. With a set of bluetooth mouse/track pad my desk was complete. However I wanted to use our company 3D printer to make a few small parts to make my work experience even more streamlined.


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