2010 Cycling Season, Getting Started

Instead of waiting until the end of the year and writing a single recap, I’m going to split this year up into three separate posts, the first of the year being this one.

My plan for this year is to again focus on track racing by taking what I’ve learned and built up last year and improve, to be one of the more competitive amateur racers at Dick Lane Velodrome. To help with this, and to make the racing more enjoyable, I’ve teamed up with Chris Kelly and Faster Mustache: Race. I’ve been friends with most of the team for many years, but finally decided to join the race team this year. The team attitude has kept me motivated to ride more and added a new level of tactics to racing.

My goals this year are to place consistently in the Pro Race Series events at Dick Lane and do exceptionally well in the Working Man’s Madison<. New this year to Dick Lane’s results are a separate team competition which combines team members’ points on Wednesday races throughout the year.

This last weekend was the first Pro Race Event and I rode fairly well. I recently upgraded to lighter, more aerodynamic wheels and I’m still adjusting to them. On the Friday night sprints, I matched my best 200 m time of 13.44 seconds, despite feeling slow. Additionally, well-played team tactics put my teammates Chris and Justin into 1st and 2nd positions in our 10 lap scratch race.

On Saturday’s omnium, I placed 8th overall and scored my first points in this event (I rode two such events last year). I can feel that I have a lot of improvements yet to make. With most of the season ahead of me, I’m excited about preparing for the rest of the year.

Going the distance at the track. Photo by John Woodruff.

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Childhood Filmmakers

Every time I go home for Thanksgiving, I discover some new artifact from my childhood. This time, it was a video that my friend, brother, and I made sometime when we were probably 11 or 12. I remember our family had a big bulky personal camcorder that had a stop-motion feature. It looked something like this:


Basically, you pushed a button and the camera took a short clip. We then moved the figures and pushed the button again. As with most things we did as kids, this was completely improvised. We also started experimenting by manually lengthening the clips and this allowed us to use a G.I. Joe toy to add sound effects. Its no Robot Chicken but we probably had fun making it.

[iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/7931447″]